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December 14, 2011Sheet MusicNo comments

“Life’s a Happy Song” by the Muppets makes me Happy. I like the lyrics, particularly the positive attitude. The images are good, and I enjoy the back and forth between the vocalists. The song speaks to a sentimental time that makes me think of the times I watched the Muppets as a young child. This recalling of my childhood is something that I don’t find often in music, and because of this I think it sits in with the Christmas season very well. It is sincere, gentle piece of music that I think would go well for any holiday gathering.

Life's A Happy Song SheetMusic

Life's A Happy Song SheetMusic

The message that being together with someone makes life more enjoyable is a good one, and one I believe in. This, with the instrumentation that supports the excellent lyrics, helps keep the music jaunty and upbeat. The arrangement is vibrant. The sheetmusic must be interesting because the song, like many of the Muppet tunes, features a good amount of tempo change and complication while maintaining a strong, memorable melody. It is a song I will surely return to in the future, especially having heard it only recently. It stands beside “The Rainbow Connection” as one of the best Muppet songs.